Yang Wenbin
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-10

Professor Dr. Wenbin Yang


09/2004 – now   Post-doc Fellow at Chinese Academy of Forestry, research field: water and soil conservation, desertification control.

09/2001 – 12/2003   Ph.D., major in water and soil conservation and desertification studies, Beijing Forestry University.

09/1982 – 10/1985   Master of Science, major in desertification studies, Institution of Desert Research at Lanzhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

09/1978 – 07/1982   Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, major in desertification control, Inner Mongolia Forestry College.


12/1985 – now   Researcher at Inner Mongolia Academy of Forestry, major field: desertification prevention and control.

1999   Promoted to Researcher

1996   Promoted to Head of the Institute of Shelter Forest, Inner Mongolia Academy of Forestry

1993   Promoted to Associate Researcher

1992   Promoted to Vice Director of the research lab

1987   Promoted to Assistant Researcher


2005   Inner Mongolia Economic Newsmaker

2005   Outstanding Contribution Award of Inner Mongolia Science and Education

2004   Receiving special governmental allowance

2003   Outstanding Contribution Award for Young Experts in Inner Mongolia

2002   Member of the Standing Committee, Geographical Society of China (desert research branch)


“Key technologies research and experimental demonstration of oasis protection and vegetation conservation in extreme arid region”. (2012BAD16B0104) national science and technology expenditure project, 2012-2016, RMB 1.5 million.

“Temporal and spatial distribution and regional variation patterns of soil moisture in sandy area”. (2013CB429901) national key basic research development program (973 program), 2013-2016, RMB 5.6 million.

“China sandy land supplementary investigation and local records compilation”. (201304325) national forestry industry research projects for public welfare, 2012-2016, RMB 1.9 million.


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