Luo Jianzhong
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

1. Personal Particular

Name: Luo Jiangzhong

Title: Dr.

2. Current Position and Address

Professor/Senior Scientist


3. Research Interests

Eucalypt genetics and breeding

Dr Luo is the current team leader of genetics and breeding in China Eucalypt Research Centre. And, A key breeding scientist of China Eucalypt Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. The research directions include: eucalypt pulp wood and veneer wood genetic material testing and evaluating, hybrid breeding, clonal breeding. The main research projects he has been involved in include Sino-Australian cooperative project “Development of germplasm and production systems for cold tolerant eucalypts for use in cool regions of southern China and Australia”, Selecting and Breeding of Eucalypt High yield and high quality new varieties, Sustainable eucalypt pulp breeding for China Eucalypt Breeding Alliance.

4. Education

BSc, from Nanjing Forestry University

MSc, from Chinese Academy of Forestry

PhD, from Nanjing Forestry University

5. Representative Projects

  1. Selecting and Breeding of Eucalypt High Yield and High Quality Varieties;
  2. Introduction of Drought tolerant eucalypts and its breeding techniques;
  3. Extention and Demonstration of Cold Tolerant Eucalypt Species E. benthamii and E. dorrigoensis
  4. Introduction of Radiation Frost Room and Its Application Techniques on Cold Tolerant Eucalypt Breeding;
  5. Regional Test of Eucalypt New Varieties:Xin’an No1 and No2;
  6. Testing Guidelines of Eucalyptus New Varieties and Database Establishment of Known Varieties;
  7. Genetic Stability Study on Stress Resistant Mutation of Eucalypt Clones;
  8. Genetic Improvement of Eucalyptus Pellita;

6. Achievements

1. ‘Development of Clod Tolerant Eucalypt Germplasm and Production System’ won the 2nd prize of Liang-xi forestry science and technology award in 2011 (Ranked 2nd )

2. ‘Introduction of Rare and high value eucalypt Species’ won the third prize of Guangdong Agricultural Technology Popularization award in 2007 (ranked 5th )

3. ‘Selection and Silviculture Technique Developing of Eucalypt Pulpwood’ won the second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology award in 2004

4. ‘Introduction of Testing Techniques for wood Properties and Cold-tolerant Eucalypts from South Africa’ won the second prize of Science and technology award of Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province in 2002

7. Publications in SCI Journals

  1. Jianzhong Luo, Roger Arnold, Wanhong Lu,Yan Lin. Genetic variation in Eucalyptus camaldulensis and E. tereticornis for early growth and susceptibility to the gall wasp Leptocybe invasa in China.Euphytica,2014,196(3):397–411.
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