Zhang Guowu
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

Name: Zhang Guowu

Title: Professorate Senior Engineer

Position: Deputy Director of China Eucalypt Research Centre (CERC)


PhD, from Jiangxi Agriculture University

Research Field: Silviculture

Contact: fyzgwu@163.com

Representative Projects:

  1. Research and Demonstration on Breeding and Efficient Cultivation Technology for Jacaranda mimosifolia
  2. Research and Industrial Development on High Quality Cultivation Techniques for Polyscias guifoylei Bailey
  3. Research and Demonstration on Key Techniques of Safe and Efficient Production of Ornamental.
  4. Introduction of Salacca zalacca and Its Cultivation Technology.
  5. Scientific Exhibition of Meteorological Disasters and Forestry Ecological Construction.


Zhang Guowu has published 19 papers, represented paper such as ‘Identification of Oil Tea (Camellia oleifera) Superior Clones by ISSR Molecular Marker’, ‘Effect of NAA IBA Rooting Agent on Cutting of Polyscias balfouriana’, ‘Establishment of Optimization of ISSR-PCR Reaction System for Polyscias ‘, ‘Fatty Acid Composition and Contents in the Seeds of Six Oil Tea (Camellia Oleifera) Superior Clones Species’ and ‘Effect of Different Removal Ways on Chinese Fir Growth’, etc, of which three papers were awarded.