Li Zhongkui
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

 Dr. Li Zhongkui was born in April, 1963 of Fengxiang County in Shaanxi province, is employed as research professor in the Chinese Academy of Forestry. In August,1994 he obtained PhD. in College of Soil and Water Conservation,Beijing Forestry University. Since July, 1982, he has being worked in 4 units of Northwest Institute of Soil and Water Conservation under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwest Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Forestry , Research Institute of Ecology for Tibetan Plateau, engaged mainly in land use planning,  monitoring and evaluation of mini-watershed comprehensive control, agricultural ecological system optimization control, ecological function value assessment for forests and other natural resources, benefit evaluation for soil conservation engineering of water conservancy, forestry ecological projects, policy, planning, technology of foreign countries in soil and water conservation and desertification control, as well as the national forestry policy and forest management, etc. Of the works 3years were contributed to aiding Tibet in management ,study and teaching.  

     Published papers and works are over 100. The representative results are listed as follows:

  • monitoring and evaluation of comprehensive control for mini-watershed
  • comments and suggestions to forest resources evaluation of our country
  • environmental economics analysis for watershed management 
  • value evaluation of degradation loss for grassland resource in the Tibet
  • environmental assessment to ecological clean mini-watershed construction in Beijing
  • the global prevention and control of desertification and soil and water conservation
  • the basic problems and response measures for the construction of the forest resources in Tibet 
  • strategic measures for comprehensive development in mountain area
  • thinking on development of overseas forest resources, etc.