Li Zhiyong
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

Li Zhiyong, Ph.D, Professor and PHD supervisor of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, currently serves as the Deputy Director General of International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).

He is also chief specialist of the Green Economy Center, International Centre of Bamboo and Rattan (ICBR), Deputy Secretary General of China Eco-Culture Association (CECA) and Vice Chair of the China Bamboo IndustryAssociation (CBIA). For a long term, he has been engaged in strategy and policy of forestry development, environmental management of plantations, urban forestry, accounting of forest values, particularly in forestry research strategy for sustainable development in China, Chinese modern forestry research, long-term planning of forestry development as well as playing a key role in the decision making of the regional urban forestry development planning of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Guangzhou.

In the field of international cooperation on forestry science and technology, as the Chinese Coordinator of ASEM Urban Forestry, he played an active role in promoting Sino-EU cooperation in urban forestry. Being invited as the advisor of EU Framework project, he has done important work as person-in-charge of the forestry policy of GTZ Forest Protection and Restoration in Western China. At the same time, he published more than fifty papers and nine academic books, including "leading Collaborative Business Introduction: Theoretical Framework and Policy Options of Multifunctional Forestry", "Environmental Management of Plantation", "Comparative Study on the Main National Forest Law", "Guideline of World Private Forest”, etc. in the fields of environmental management of plantations, forest tenure reform, urban forestry policy, forest culture, and forestry science and technology evaluation.