As the national research institution on forestry in China, CAF also maintains close cooperative relationship with forest research and high education institutions in 58 countries and 57 international organizations, which creates an all-round opening-up environment for extending collaboration through multiple channels and in diverse patterns. A total of 62 agreements on forest-related scientific cooperation were signed with different forest research institutions, universities, forest enterprises, governmental organs and international organizations. CAF conferred the honorary professorship, doctorship and visiting fellowship to 54 internationally well-famed forest scientists and experts, among whom the honorary doctorship were conferred to Tarja Halonen, President of Finland in 2002 and Marina Silva, Brazilian Minister of Environment in 2005. Currently, 55 CAF scientists hold academic positions in various international academic organizations. Among the international partners of CAF, 2 overseas scientists were honored with the China International Science and Technology Cooperation Awards and 10 overseas scientists were honored with the Friendship Award of the Government of China. They were all recommended by CAF.

The ASEM Symposium on Urban Forestry organized by CAF in 2004