International Symposium for Heads of Forest Research Institutions

As a part of the commemorative activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), the International Symposium for Heads of Forest Research Institutions was held at Beijing Friendship Hotel on 26th October,, 2018. The theme of the symposium is “Forest Research in Response to Climate Change”.

Peng Youdong, Vice Administrator of National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NFGA), Robert Nacy, Secretary General of The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Alexander Buck, Executive Director of International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Meng Xianlin,Director General of the International Cooperation Department of NFGA attended the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Ye Zhi, Secretary of branch Committee of the CPC and Vice President of the CAF.

Peng Youdong said, at present, many countries deem forestry as a crucial approach to carbon emission reduction and a resolution to combat climate change.  NFGA has formulated and being implementing two documents – the Action Plan for Forestry’s Adaptation to Climate Change (2016-2020) and Action Points for Forestry to Address Climate Change. Followed these two documents, China accelerates afforestation, improve forest quality, strengthen resources conservation and prevent forest fire to obtain steady growth in forest resources and stable improvement in carbon sequestration to lower carbon emissions.

Mr. Peng emphasized the significance to strengthen forest research in response to climate change. CAF, as a national-level forestry research institution in China, conducted many major research programs and made great achievements during the past six decades. At the 60th anniversary of CAF, the symposium was held to discuss strategies concerning how to moderate and adapt to climate change through forest research approaches.

CIFOR belongs to CGIAR and it specializes in forestry research. Mr. Robert Nacy, Secretary General of CIFOR, said that CIFOR has developed long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation with CAF. By making innovation, China becomes a leader in planted forest development, provides practical examples for other countries and contributes a large share in addressing global climate problems.

IUFRO is the largest international organization committed to forestry and other forest-related researches worldwide. CAF is the first Chinese member to join IUFOR and serves as Chinese representative in International Council of IUFOR to coordinate all Chinese members in IUFOR.

Alexander, the Executive Director of IUFRO, said that it requires international cooperation and exchanges to combat climate change. He not only delivered his appreciation of the efficient cooperation with CAF that has made remarkable achievements over the past sixty years, but also expressed his wish to extend collaboration with CAF in making greater contributions to resolve climate change and realize sustainable development.

Since the foundation 60 years ago, CAF has signed bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements with forestry research institutions, colleges and universities, enterprises and international organizations, launched 590 international programs, hosted or co-hosted 244 international academic meetings and 134 periods of foreign-aid training programs on forestry under the Ministry of Commerce of PRC. Additionally, the fourth International Congress on Planted Forests is authorized to be held by CAF and would make its first show in Asia from 23rd to 25th October. Xiao Wenfa, Vice President of CAF, would deliver a special report based on the theme of the Congress at the symposium.

In the evening of 26th October, the welcome banquet was hosted by Zhang Shougong, president of CAF and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Dai Guangcui, Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation Department of NFGA, made a greeting speech.

There were 160 representatives (including 120 foreign participants) attended the symposium, including heads of 13 international organizations and related departments of NFGA, deans of national-level forest research institutions, universities, and forestry academies from 41 countries, and some world-renowned experts.

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