Du Hongyan
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

Professor Ph. D Hongyan Du is vice-director of Non-timber Forest R&D Center, Chinese Academy of Forestry (Paulownia R&D Center of China, CAF), Ph.D adviser of both CAF and Central South University of Forestry and Technology, an adjunct professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Henan University. He is vice president and Secretary General of Eucommia branch of China Economic Forest Association.

He is engaged in research on Eucommia ulmoides breeding, silviculture and integrated utilization. He has been incharged of implementations of more than 20 scientific projects from state level to provicinal level. He pioneered Eucommia breeding and obtained more than 100 superior clones including high-yielding Eucommia rubber and linolenic acid oil, among which 15 clones have been registered. He developed a novel silvicultural model, orchard-like system, which produced 30 to 40 times as much Eucommia rubber as that from conventional silviculture models. He presided the complition of “the genome sequencing of Eucommia ulmoides”, which was the first genome fine map of a nutural rubber and medicinal woody plant around the world. This research fruit played the key role for Eucommia molecular genetics and breedings. As a chief editor, he published “China Eucommia Pictorial” to introduce research progresses in Eucommia resources collection, breedings, silviculture and integtrated utilizations in picture forms. As a chief editor, he edited “Green Book of Eucommia Industry” which was the first industry report in forestry in China. He published 100 papers and 9 books, issued 20 invented patents. China Science Daily reported his scientific activities in July, 2012. Science and Technology Daily reported his 30 years’ dream of developing Eucommia industrializations.

Email: dhy515@126.com