Wuyun Ta-na
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

Wuyun Ta-na, Female, born in Sep 22, 1975, Doctor of Agronomy, Professor and assistant director of Non-timber Forestry Research and Development Center, Chinese Academy of Forestry (China Paulownia Research and Development Center). She was also a PhD supervisor in forest genetics and breeding domain, Program leader, Committee member of 10th Hunan Youth Federation, Vice Chairman of National Kernel-apricot association, Council members of National Woody Oil association and Eucommia Industry Alliance, and Vice editor of “Green Book of Eucommia Industry”.

Educational background: 2000 to 2003, Central - South Forestry University, Silviculture, Doctor of Agronomy; 1997 to 2000, Inner Mongolia University of Agricultural, Forest breeding, Master of Agronomy; 1993 to 1997, Inner Mongolia University of Agricultural, Forest, Bachelor of Agronomy. Employment background: 2003 to 2013, Central - South Forestry University; 2013 to now, Non-timber Forestry Research and Development Center, Chinese Academy of Forestry.

Main working field at breeding and cultivation of non-timber forest last over fourteen years and the research achievements were plentiful. The main achievements were as follows. First, she got one national Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, two provincial First Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology or Natural Science, and two provincial Second Prizes. Next, she published 100 papers, five books, 14 improved varieties (including 10 national tree varieties), and 8 national patents for invention. Then, the first gene pool of kernel-apricot and almond with 1200 germplasm resources and 300 core breeding germplasms were selected, and the first chloroplast genome among kernel-apricot, fresh fruit apricot and Prunus sibirica were sequenced. Forth, as associate editors, the books of “Green Book of Eucommia Industry” which was the first green book based on single tree and “Chinese Eucommia Pictorial” were publication. Finally, as the corresponding leader, the genome of Eucommia ulmoides was sequenced, which was the first woody DNA sequence with natural rubber and herb tree over the world, this result was based for Eucommia ulmoides as model plant with woody rubber plant and woody herb tree resulted in the molecular genetics and breeding platform was builded, the series of researches have been the milestone for Eucommia ulmoides development.

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