Cai Daoxiong
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-09

Professor and Director of Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, CAF



Mr. Cai was born in 1961, he studied forest logging and transport in Guangxi University from 1978 to 1982, he has been working in the Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry, CAF since July 1982. He was committed to the research and popularization of cultivation on high valuable timber trees species. Mr. Cai took charge in 16 research programs such as Big-diameter oriented cultivation and multifunctional management technology of rare tree species in the southwest of China, Demonstration on high efficiency ecological mixed model of Mytilaria laosensis, Introduction of selective felling equipment and technology for forests on steep terrain, Popularization and application of afforestation on local broadleaved species, Demonstration on valuable broadleaved species cultivation in Guangxi karst region, ect. Over the years, he has published more than 20 scientific papers and 3 monographs in recognized kernel journals. As a key member, his participated Project “The Research of Rattan” won the First National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 1997, Project “Modern Forest Resource Management of Timber Plantation in South China” and “Conservation and Ecological Restoration Technology of Nature Forest” won the Second National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 1996 and 2012 respectively.