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XIAO Wenfa
Author:     Time: 2021-11-04

Xiao Wenfa, male, Han Nationality, born in December 1964, in Hubei Province, started work in 1989, researcher, PhD supervisor, and receiver of Special government allowances of the State Council.

Presently he is the Vice President and member of the CPC sub-committee of Chinese Academy of Forestry, in charge of industrial development, international cooperation, resources management and protection (forest management), etc.

Dr. Xiao also holds the posts of chair of General Station of Ecological Environment Monitoring, SFA, deputy director general of Professional Committee of Forest Ecology, Chinese Society of Forestry, member of the council of Chinese Society of Forestry, Chinese Society of Ecology and Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, expert on China's negotiation in the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), member of the task force and technical director of conservation and sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests of the Montreal Process (MP).

Dr. Xiao received his bachelor's degree from Huazhong Agricultural University in 1986, master's degree from Beijing Forestry University in 1989 and was assigned to work in Research Institute of Forestry, CAF. He studied for his PhD degree in CAF from 1991 to 1994. He became deputy director general of Research Institute of Forest Ecological Environment in 1996, chair of General Station of Ecological Environment Monitoring and Sustainable Forest Development Centre, SFA in 1998, deputy director general of Research Institute of Forestry in 2002, director general of Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection in 2004, and vice president and member of the CPC sub-committee of CAF in 2017.

He has been committed to research on practices of vegetation restoration in typical Chinese regions and monitoring and evaluation of ecological environment. He has been actively involved in capacity building of forest protection and sustainable management, international cooperation and negotiation, research on climate change and forests. He has received first-prize of Science and Technology Progress Award at the provincial of ministerial level, and second-prize of Liang Xi Science and Technology Progress Award of Forestry. He has published more than 260 academic papers, 15 of which are of SCI, and 5 academic books and compiled 1 academic book. He has received the 7th China Forestry Science and Technology Award, and been elected as member of Millions of Talents program at the provincial or ministerial level, Advanced Individual of Outstanding Contribution to China's National Ecological Development, and Advanced Individual of the Ecological and Environmental Monitoring System of the Three-Gorge Project in the Yangtze River, etc.