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Li Yanquan
Author:     Time: 2016-10-11

Mr.LI Yanquan was born in February 1960, began his working career in August 1983. Currently, he holds the office of vice president of the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Mr. LI had been working in the Popularization Science Department, Academic Department, General Office and Consulting Department of the Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF) after graduation from Northeast Forestry University in 1983 and was promoted to Deputy Secretary-General in 1999 and Executive Deputy Secretary-General of CSF in August 2002.

He has been in charge of editing “Chinese Forestry Science and Technology” Journal which ranks the best in performance rating among the science and technology periodicals or journals in China. It has won three times the “National Journal Award”, the highest Chinese award for prominent periodicals or journals, and has been receiving the grants for high quality scientific journals in six consecutive years from the Chinese Association of Science and Technology. Furthermore, the said journal has won the prize of the 100 Outstanding Chinese Academic Journals for eight times and has been named one of “The Most Influential Journal in the 60 years history of New China”. The thesis published in the “Chinese Forestry Science and Technology” Journal have been nominated the Most Influential Academic Papers in China.

Mr. LI is concurrently assuming the posts of the member of China Association of Agricultural Science Societies” (CAASS), member of the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, executive member of CSF and Chairman of Science &Technology Journal Branch of CSF.