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Research Institute of Wood Industry
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

Research Institute of Wood Industry was founded on March 14, 1957. It is a comprehensive national research institute of China’s wood science and technology, and a member of IUFRO.
Currently the institute has 4 departments (Management Office including Party Committe Office, Scientific Research Office, Achievement Promotion Office and Financial Service Department), 12 research departments (including research departments of wood functional materials, of composite engineering and structure materials, of wood-based panel and adhesive, of wood physics and drying, of wood applying chemistry, of wood protection, of wood mechanics and wood structure, of wood structure and utilization, of electromechanics, of woodworks, of standardization and industrial risks, and of wood modification), 4 independent accounting units including National Wood-based Panel and Wood-Bamboo Products Quality Supervision and Test Center, Information Center (publisher of Wood Industry and Chinese Wood-based Panel), Experiment Base of National Wood Industry Engineering Center and Experiment Center. And there are 24 subordinate institutes: National Wood Industry Engineering Center, Forestry Administration’s Biologic Materials Engineering Center, Forestry Administration’s Key Laboratory, Forestry Administration’s Forest Products Quality Supervision and Test Center, Secretariat of Wood-Bamboo Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Union, Secretariat of Wood-based Panel Standardization Technology Committee, Secretariat of National Wood Standardization Technology Committee, Structural Wood Technology Committee of the National Wood Standardization Technology Committee, Secretariat of Forestry Biologic Material Standardization Technology Committee, China National Forest Product Industry Association - Red Wood Association, CNFPIA - Structural Material and Outdoor Material, CNFPIA - Wood Doors and Windows, CNFPIA - Particleboard Committee, CNFPIA - Floor Committee, CNFPIA - Decorative Paper Committee, CNFPIA - Wood Drying Committee, Chinese Society of Forestry - Biologic Material Science, CSF - Wood Industry, CSF - Wood Structure Department of Wood Industry, CSF - Wood Product Department of Wood Industry, CSF - Wood Protection Department of Wood Industry, Forestry Administration’s Wood Product Quality and Standardization Research Center, CAF’s Testing Laboratory of Wood-based Panel.
The institute’s 12 main research areas are: wood structure and utilization, wood chemical application, wood physics and drying, wood mechanics and structure, wood modification, wood protection, wood function material, composite engineering and structural material, wood-based panel and adhesive, wood product, biologic material production technology, and biologic material standardization. The aim is to offer theoretic and technological support to directive breeding and intensive management of wood, and reasonable, effective, comprehensive and cyclic usage of wood, grass and vines; to advance technological progress in and sustainable development of wood industry.