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Research Institute of Wetland
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

CAF Research Institute of Wetland is an institution specializing on wetland research, and is an independent non-legal person. The institute will put emphasis on research of basic theories and applied technologies of wetland, lead the direction of wetland science in China, and provide policy advises and technological support for the protection and administration of China’s wetlands. At the same time, the institute will strengthen is connection with international organizations to offer technological support for China’s practice of Convention of Wetlands. Another focus of the institute is to cultivate high-quality talents for the management and research of wetlands. The institute will be working to build a top research team in Asia, and become a resource of knowledge, technology, talent and intelligence for China’s research of wetlands.
The main research areas of the institute include the following: biologic characters of wetland ecosystem, value assessment and mechanics of wetland function, mechanics of mass balance, dynamic changes and evolution of wetlands over time, the evolution and environmental effects of wetland ecosystem under global changes and human activities, protection of wetland ecosystem and biologic diversity, recovering of wetlands and ecological restoration technologies, wetlands’ landscape design and planning, etc.
Sub-institutes include: research department of wetland landscape design, research department of wetland biologic procedure and environmental effect, research department of wetland planning and management, research department of biologic diversity, network center of China’s wetland ecosystem location research.