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Beijing Research Institute of Forestry Machinery
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

CAF Beijing Research Institute of Forestry Machinery was originally founded in 1958, is a national research institute specialized in basic research of modern forest machinery and wood utilization machinery, applied fundamental research, applied technological research, standardization and information service, etc.
In prospect of biologic construction and industrial development of modern forestry, Beijing Research Institute of Forestry Machinery is working enthusiastically on subject building of forestry machinery, basic research of forestry equipment technology, and import and improvement of new technologies, as well as application research on forestry equipment technology. Its research areas include: theories and methods of forestry machinery’s modern design, automation and mechatronics system controlling, wood and non-wood engineering materials, etc. The main research subjects are: technologies and equipments for ecological restoration, woodworking machinery, wood-based panel machinery, bamboo working machinery, wood and non-wood composite material equipment, forestry monster device and forest resource administration equipment, etc. The institute also is the publisher of “Wood Processing Machinery”(core journal).