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Experimental Center of Subtropical Forestry
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

Founded in 1979, Experimental Center of Subtropical Forestry is a key experimental base for research of Central and Northern China's subtropical forestry. It's main tasks are: to collect and reserve forest plant germ plasm, to integrate and match scientific achievements, to do research on the genetic breeding and cultivation technology of timber forest like sugimura, pine, bamboo and oil tea, to cultivate experimental and model forest, to gradually build forestry research bases in subtropical areas of Central and North China, and to establish a permanent liable forestry public research platform.

The center is located in Fenyi, Jiangxi. The landscape is of low mountains and hills, with the highest altitude of 1091 meters, annual precipitation of 1600 mm. The center's coverage is 9681.9 hectares, with 84% forest coverage. The volume of living trees is 600 thousand cubic meters. And there are 5.75 million bamboos.

The center's administration consists of 8 departments: Administration office, Party Committee office,financial department, scientific research management office, resource management, infrastructure department and forest fire control department. There are also 4 research departments: research department of economic forest, research department of forest economy, research department of timber forestry, and research department of forest germchit. The center has 4 experimental forests: Shanxia, Shangcin, Nianzhu, Changfu and one arboretum.