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Experimental Center of Desert Forestry
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

Experimental Center of Desert Forestry is founded in 1979 according to the Five-year Plan of Science and Technology(1978-1985). It is one of the 11 comprehensive scientific experiment base of modern forestry and animal husbandry approved by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, and the only modern experiment base set by CAF in the arid and semi-arid area of Northwest China. Its primary goal is: to research and solve the scientific and technological problems in forestry construction of arid area; to make use of advanced technological equipment and technologies both from home and abroad; to manage and exploit sandy lands with scientific methods of production and management, and improve greatly its production capacity and efficiency of resource utilization; and to offer support for the biologic forestry construction in arid areas.The experiment base is responsible for projects like the National Key Sand-control Project, and is an essential part of China’s practice as member of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.
The institute is located at the northeast of Ulan Buh Desert, 106º35ˊ—106º59ˊdegrees east, 40º17ˊ—40º29ˊdegrees west. It falls within the administration of Dengkou County, Inner Mongolia, and is at the conjunction of Northwest and North China. The area is the transitional zone of desert and semi-desert, belonging to Asian temperate climate area. The total site area of the institute is 313 thousand hectares. The center has built a artificial oasis experiment base of 60 thousand hectares, capable of doing research, demonstration and promotion, with various plantations, structures and comprehensive functions in the middle of the desert. The foundation of the base not only provides places of experimentation of China’s prevention of desertification, and sets a model for the prevention of desertification.