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Technological Assistance Training Program on the Protection of Gobi Bear of Mongolia
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Forest E   Time: 2018-12-12

Technological assistance training program of the bio-diversity protection monitoring and nature reserve management techniques of Mongolian Gobi Bear was launched in Beijing. Dai Guangcui, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation, and Xiao Wenfa, chief expert of the program and the vice president of CAF, attended and delivered speeches at the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Zhou Xiaoyu, the secretary of the party committee of the Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection (RIFEEP), CAF.

According to Dai Guangcui, China and Mongolia signed the Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 on the establishment of holding forestry panel meeting regularly, including the technological assistance training program on the protection of Gobi bear of Mongolia. Ms. Dai expressed her hope that trainees from both countries can enhance management of habitat conservation and make greater contributions to the protection of Gobi bear during the 14-days program as well as expand bilateral cooperation in broader areas such as the control and prevention of pest and diseases, silviculture and cross-border fire prevention.

Administrator Peng Youdong of NFGA met with State Secretary of Mongolian Ministry of Natural Environment and Tourism in October and exchanged opinions of the program. As the organizer, Xiao Wenfa mentioned, CAF attached great importance to the program, assembling expert and goods and materials support groups and hiring translators and coordinators to ensure the program carried out smoothly.

Ch. Bayarbat, Director of Authority of A region in Mongolian Gobi Reserve, and Luvsanjamba Amgalan, researcher from the ecology research institute addressed the opening ceremony as the Mongolian representatives and expressed their appreciation for China.

There were 12 Mongolian trainees from Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Natural Environment and Tourism, Govi Gurvansaikhan National Park participated the program and 30 expert representatives including Jin Kun from RIFEEP attended the ceremony.

The program was set on 12th May 2017, launched by Ministry of Commerce and carried out by RIFEEP. It is the first foreign assistance program concerning wildlife protection under the “Belt and Road” context and of great significance of the protection of Gobi bear.(Xu Hongjun,Huang Songlin / RIFEEP)