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2018 Ministerial Workshop on Forestry Industry of Developing Countries
Author:   Source: Bamboo Center   Time: 2018-11-05

2018 Ministerial Workshop on Forestry Industry of Developing Countries, hosted by Ministry of Commerce and National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NFGA) and organized by Bamboo Canter of CFA, was held in Anji, Zhejiang province. Wang Chunfeng, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation, NFGA, Wu Hong, Director General of Forestry Department of Zhejiang, and Xiao Wenfa, Vice President of CFA attended and addressed the opening ceremony of the workshop. Calsakauw, the forestry senior officer from Ministry of Agriculture of Vanuatu delivered speech as the representative of students. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Yukui, secretary of Bamboo Center.

Wang Chunfeng pointed out that forestry plays an important role in boosting the national and local economy. China would like to share its experiences in the development of forestry industry with developing countries. Wang elaborated on the evolution of China’s forestry administration in his keynote report named “The International Cooperation on China’s Forestry”, specifying the developing direction and key areas of international forestry cooperation in future.

As the representative of Forestry Department, Zhejiang Wu Hong welcomed students, introducing the overview and achievement of Zhejiang’s forestry development. He expressed his hope that the experiences of Zhejiang’s Forestry development could be spread to developing countries to promote the international cooperation in this area.

Xiao Wenfa recognized the outcome of international training in advancing the international cooperation, and mentioned that students shall take this opportunity to strengthen exchanges and communications to explore cooperation possibilities between China and other developing countries in timber resources shortage, international trade and industrial upgrading of forestry for sustainable development of global forests.

Ms. Calsakauw introduced the current condition of Vanuatu’s forestry and the achievements of mutual cooperation with Bamboo Center, appreciated the assistance of Chinese government in goods, materials and technologies, and hoped that Vanuatu would develop deeper cooperation with China in production of forests and bamboo, timber processing, ecological protection and sustainable development of forests.

There were 14 experts from NFGA and the Forestry Department of Zhejiang take in-depth discussions after the opening ceremony with students on China’s forestry industrial development, investigation, evaluation and planning of China’s forests remote sensing, China’s biomass energy, and overview of China’s planted forests, etc.

Students of workshop would take field trip to Yiwu, Anji and Nanxun of Zhejiang Province and participate in the International Exhibition of Forest Products and the Second World Forum on Eco-system Governance.

Students of the workshop consisted of 20 senior officers from Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Cameroon, Mauritius, Uganda, Argentina, Thailand and Vanuatu.