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Yude Pan, Senior Researcher of U.S. Forest Service, was invited to visitResearch Institute of Desertification
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Desertif   Time: 2018-11-15

Yude Pan discussed with young researchers ofResearch Institute of Desertification


Yude Pan presented report

Professor Yude Pan, the senior researcher of U.S. Forest Service and the professor of The Forest Research Institute of Harvard University, was invited to visit Research Institute of Desertification, CAFfor academic exchange.

Research group led by Yude Pan is famous for their research on productivity of global vegetation and estimation of carbon sequestration. Yude Pan discussed with researchers of the Research Institute of Desertification on the dynamic mechanism of carbon circulation and control elements in dry areas, which facilitated researchers to assess the potential of carbon sequestration in desertified area. Pan’s visit also boosted cooperation with China in developing measuring approaches of carbon sink.  

Professor Pan listened to reports of China’s young researchers on the evaluation of bio-diversity in dry areas and long-term monitoring on the location of elm forests, and provided constructive guidance on the assumption and planning of their researches. 

Yude Pan presented his report on “The Impact of strengthened LAI on global terrestrial productivity with increased CO2”, introducing how to identify the mutual impacts between CO2 and water supply through CO2 collection stations so as to make a widely-applicable formula between strengthened LAI and ANPP, which could be utilized to remote sensing data based on LAI. The report aroused great interests among the researchers and provoked in-depth discussions. The report meeting was hosted by Lu Qi, Director of Research Institute of Desertification, and researchers from other institutes of CAF were also invited to attend the meeting.

Yude Pan is the senior researcher of U.S. Forest Service and the professor of Forest Research Institute of Harvard University and dedicated to the research on terrestrial eco-system biomass and carbon sequestration. He published his papers and essays on Science, Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, and owned Awards of Merit for Leading the publicationChief’s Distinguished Science Award and International Forestry Award given by USDA and U.S. Forest Service. (Wang Dongfang/Research Institute of Desertification)