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Delegation of Ministry of Agriculture from Ethiopia visited Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Subtropi   Time: 2018-11-20

A group of 15 people headed by TEFERA TADESSE GETNET, the Director General of the Department of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia, visited Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry on 15th November, accompanied by Dr. Fu Jinhe of INBAR. Wang Yangdong, Deputy Director of Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry, hosted the symposium with Ethiopian delegation.

Wang Yangdong delivered his welcome to the delegation. Division Director Wu Tonggui briefly introduced the Institute, focusing on the research on bamboos and international cooperation. Both sides take full exchanges and discussions on ecological governance, industrialization of bamboo and promotion of the results of scientific research.

Dr. Fu introduced the overview of Sino-African Bamboo Center that is under construction.

Ethiopian delegation visited the Laboratory of Genetic Breeding of Wood of the Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry and Miao Shanwu Nature Reserve.

Ethiopia is located on the mid-east of Africa and owns nearly 100 million people, which makes it the second most populous country in the continent. Groves of bamboo in Ethiopia cover roughly 1 million ha, accounting for 1/3 and 5% of total bamboo area in sub-saharan region and the entire world respectively. And there are two main species there.  (Tong Jiejie / Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry)