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Mr. Liu Shirong was appointed President of the Chinese Academy of Forestry
Author:     Time: 2018-11-27

Mr. Peng Youdong, Vice Administrator of National Forestry and Grassland Administration (formerly the State Forestry Administration), announced the appointment of Prof. Liu Shirong as CAF President on November 26, 2018.

During the meeting, Mr. Peng, on behalf of NFGA, fully acknowledged the achievements made by CAF under the leadership Prof. Zhang Shougong, the Immediate Past President of CAF, which have contributed enormously to both China's forest-related scientific technological progresses and the growth of the whole forest sector in China. He then put forward the expectations to the new leadership to be captained by Prof. Liu mainly from perspectives of political aspects, team building, and enhanced scientific research on fields both traditional and newly added to the authorities of NFGA (such as grassland, national parks, nature reserves, etc.). 

Prof. Zhang reviewd his working history at CAF passionately, expressed his sincerest appreciation for NFGA's consistent support and to all CAF staff members and conveyed best wishes for the bright future of CAF.