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Dr. Jason C. White from the U.S. Invited to Visit Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry for Academic Exchanges
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Subtropi   Time: 2018-10-30

Visiting the greenhouse

Invited by the Research group of human settlement of the Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry of CAF, Dr. Jason C. White, vice director and chief analytical chemist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station visited the Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry for academic exchanges. Mr. Wang Yangdong, Deputy Director General, Mr. Wu Tonggui, Director for science and technology, related researchers in ecology and postgraduate students from the Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry attended the seminar.

Dr. Jason C. White made a presentation “Engineered nanomaterial use in agriculture: Applications and implications”, in which he analyzed the roles of nano-copper-oxide and nano-silver in plants growth and pest and disease control and nanomaterial’s application potential in food production and security. He discussed afterwards with the audience on related hot topics.

During the interaction, Dr. Jason C. White listened to briefings of some researchers and provided his suggestions on experiment design, result analysis and thesis writing. He also discussed with Chinese experts on future cooperation feasibility and methods.

Dr. Jason C. White is a renowned scientist in risk assessment of nanomaterials, nanomaterials’ application in agriculture and ecological restoration. He was the president of International Phytotechnology Society. He is currently the managing editor of the SCI journal, International Journal of Phytoremediation, member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of Environmental Science & Technology and Environmental Science & Technology Letters, and member of the Editorial Boards of Environmental Pollution and NanoImpact. He led 28 research programs for FDA, USDA and NSF, and published nearly 200 articles on mainstream journals including Nature Nanotechnology and Environmental Science & Technology. (Chen Guangcai & Li Xiaogang, Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry)