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Ms. Annah Zhu, PhD Candidate of UC Berkeley Visited Research Institute of Tropical Forestry
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Tropical   Time: 2018-03-23

From 19th to 20th Mar, Ms. Annah Zhu (Peterson), PhD Candidate of Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley, U.S., visited Research Institute of Tropical Forestry and exchanged academic ideas with researchers.

Ms. Annah Zhu learnt the research of precious tree species and development plans of the Institute, and recent development of precious tree species in central-southern China. She paid a visit to Beilingshan Precious Tree Speicies Base, Jinlong Precious Tree Speicies Base and Lvyuangtang Santalum Album Precious Tree Speicies Base of Research Institute of Tropical Forestry.

Ms. Annah Zhu’s research areas include the social influence of logging of precious tree species in Madagascar and development policies for precious tree species in China and the U.S. (Hong Zhou, Research Institute of Tropical Forestry)