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Lecture on Sustainable Forest Management by Professor John Innes
Author:     Time: 2013-06-02

Professor John Innes’ presentation
Professor John Innes’ presentation

Professor John Innes of Forest Management and dean of Faculty of Forestry in University of British Columbia, the former vice president of IUFRO, gave a talk in title of “Challenges Facing Sustainable Forest Management” in the Chinese Academy of Forestry on May 10th 2013.

John Innes’ lecture is composed of five parts. The first part reviews the development stages of forest management. The second part details the impact resulted from the forest products development, the use of biomass energy as well as the economic trends and employment. The third part elaborates at the length the use and demand of renewable resources in the U.S., Europe, China and Brazil. The fourth part exemplifies the development trend of sustainable forest management and expounds the challenges. The fifth part recommends the focus of interest by the IUFRO, i.e. the impact to the forest from the global commercialization, the transformation of forestry supply, burgeoning forest products and assessment to forest products and services.