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International Conference on Biomass-Energy Technologies Convened in Nanjing
Author:     Time: 2012-10-25

International Conference on Biomass-Energy Technologies Convened in Nanjing

International Conference on Biomass-Energy Technologies (ICBT2012): Joint with AIChE’s Symposium and Centennial Commemoration Series for National Forestry Research Institution in China was held on October 22nd-24th, 2012 in Nanjing. It is organized by Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), CAF, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), and hosted by Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products of CAF, Biomass Energy Committee of CRES, Forest and Plant Bioproducts Division of AIChE, International Academy of Wood and others, totally more than ten institutes. The conference was split into 6 branch fields of biomass feedstock, biochemicals and bioproducts, biomass to liquid fuels, biomass power, kinetics and chemical reaction, biomass preprocessing and down-stream processing.

Totally more than 30 distinguished experts from 15 countries and 260 experts from China’s universities and institutes engaged in Energy, Biology, Material Science and Chemistry fields attended the conference. LI Xing, director general of Department of Science and Technology, SFA, CHU Fuxiang, vice president of CAF, academician TAN Tianwei, OUYANG Pingkai and SONG Zhanqian attended the meeting and gave presentations.

During the conference participants discussed and exchanged their ideas on novel technologies of biomass energy technologies. It facilitated collaborative research on biomass energy between China and other countries and provided a new development opportunity in biomass energy and a communication and exhibition platform for researchers, developers and entrepreneurs in the biomass energy field.