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CAF's New Technique of Tree Seedling Breeding Won 2nd Prize of National Science & Technology Advancement Awards 2012
Author:     Time: 2013-02-26

CAF's New Technique of Tree Seedling Breeding Won 2nd Prize of National Science & Technology Advancement Awards 2012

New technique of light substrate mesh-bag container breeding of tree seedlings has been experimented and trialed by CAS’s new technique of tree seedling breeding task force. The project piloted a series of techniques and prescribed different kinds of formulas for variety of regions in China for the production of light substrates by making the use of agro-forest residuals as the primary raw materials, completing the key know-how of mesh-bag container seeding and cuttage seedling-raising for over 500 kinds of main afforestation tree species as well as designed and constructed 4 series of mesh-bag container production lines. Light substrate is comprised of light substrates of processed agro-forest residuals and added with certain amount of mycorrhizal soil and humus. The mesh-bag container is made of the degradable non-woven fabrics or fabrics or paper, featuring with good properties of ventilation and water penetration as well as hairy roots free permeation. Adaptive to various afforestation site conditions and especially superior for the barren afforestation site conditions, the new technique of matrix mesh-bag container seedlings enable the root flourishing and need not to take out the container when transplanted in addition to the low weight and high survival rate without rejuvenation period.

The project took precedence in developing the mesh-bag container cuttage seedling raising techniques for eucalyptus nursing which led to the development of large scale improved eucalyptus variety afforestation and followed by devising the cuttage seedling growing mesh-bag containers for four conifer tree species in China Southwest alpine mountains, i.e. Picea crassifolia, Picea balfouriana, Picea likiangensis and Qilian juniper, where used to be difficult to take roots. It achieved the large-scale clonal multiplication of improved conifer tree species. The project has established the technical system for large-scale reproduction of indoor walnut grafting in winter.

Furthermore, this awards winning new technique of tree seedling breeding has been disseminated in over 30 provinces and has attained enormous social-economic and ecological effectiveness, epitomized by having bred over two billion improved varieties of seedlings and being afforested on more than 10 million mu of land during the period of 2001—2011.