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The Cooperation Agreement of the Second Group of Science and Technology Projects between Fujian Province Forestry Department and CAF
Author:     Time: 2012-07-18

Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony

The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement of the Second  Group of Science and Technology Projects between Fujian Province Forestry Department and CAF was held on July 18th 2012 in Fuzhou City , capital of Fujian Province. Vice minister YIN Hong of State Forestry Administration; designated Deputy Commander DU Yongsheng of National Forest Fire Prevention Headquarter of SFA attended the signing ceremony. President ZHANG Shougong of CAF and Director-general CHEN Jiadong of Fujian Province Forestry Department signed the agreement on behalf of the Parties.

In December 2005, both sides had signed the first batch of cooperation projects and had successfully fulfilled seven collaboration projects such as The Study and Planning of Modern Forestry Development Strategy in the Regions of West Taiwan Strait. This follow-up cooperation agreement has been the specific action in the light of implementing the Framework Agreement on Jointly Promoting Forestry Reform and Development between the State Forestry Administration and Fujian Province People’s Government.

In accordance with the agreement, the Parties will focus their tasks on the assessment of Fujian Province forest ecological service function and valuation, the building up of Changting County integrated forest water conservancy and soil reclamation demonstration model as well as the construction of CAF’s Haixi Branch. By doing so, it will further enhance the close collaboration relations among CAF and relevant institutions in Fujian Province which will be conducive to push forward the scientific forestry development in Fujian Province.

In order to get the first hand understanding of water loss and soil erosion and the harnessing countermeasures in Changting County, President ZHANG Shougong and his team had made the sites visits before the agreement signing ceremony to Hetian Township to facts find the application of juncao harnessing collapse erosion technology and  Laikeng typical water loss and soil erosion harnessing countermeasures area at Caifang Village and  Laiyoukeng  preliminary harnessing areas at chenguang Village ; to investigating Changting County wetland ecological park as well as to the substitute bamboo fungus cultivation demonstration base at old city, to looking into Changting County waxberry cultivation base of ten thousand mu at Sanzhou Township, to touring Changting County science and technology education park and publicity museum of water conservancy and soil reclamation in addition to paying visit to Louziba State-owned Forest Farm.

For a purpose of deepening the cooperation between CAF and Fujian University of Agriculture and Forestry (FUAF) at the Changting County, the Parties have decided to establish CAF&FUAF Experts Changting County Service Office and CAF&FUAF Post-Doctor Changting County Science and Technology Research Working Station. Both sides agreed to consult on the issues of: the construction of Changting County comprehensive water loss and soil erosion harnessing countermeasures demonstration park for typical soil erosion, the setup of Changting County red loam soil erosion fixed location research station as well as the building up of modern forestry talents training base for the people from soil erosion regions of southern part of China.