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MOU Signed between CAF and KFRI
Author:     Time: 2012-09-08

MOU Signed between CAF and KFRI



Dr. Gilbon KOO, Director General of Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) visited CAF on 8 November, 2012 in the company of Dr. Joo Han SUNG, Director, Division of Forest Ecology, Dr. Youn Su KIM, Deputy Director of General Service and Dr. Kwan-Soo WOO, International Coordiator, Division of Research Planning and Coordination. A discussion was held between CAF scientists and KFRI delegation on the cooperation fields of common interests and then a MOU was signed by Dr. ZHANG Shougong and Dr. Gilbon KOO on behalf of the two organizations.

Dr. ZHANG Shougong reviewd the cooperation between CAF and KFRI over the nearly two decades and pointed out that a distinct difference in the modes of cooperation was formed in 2002, with the joint project implementaion as the principal mode before 2002 and then the co-organization of activities and personnel exchanges in the recent decade.

Dr. Gilbon KOO proposed to hold annual symposia and workshops on topics of common interests in turn in China and South Korea and strengthen collaboration in gruduate education and exchanges.

The overarching and in-depth discussion between CAF scientists and KFRI delegation involved five fields including the longterm monitoring on changes of forest ecosystems in response to climate change, the technical development of desertification control and field application, survey and control of Manchurian conifer pests and diseases, the breeding and cultivar of Astringent persimmon, and the conservation and utilization of forest genetic resources. It was agreed that exchanges between corresponding scientists from both sides should be enhanced.

Prior to the meeting, the KFRI delegation visited the national key lab on forest tree breeding and genetics in CAF.