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Beijing Wetland Centre Established Jointly
Author:     Time: 2011-01-13

In the morning of January 13, 2011, the ceremony of signing the agreement for jointly establishment of the Beijing Wetland Centre and unveiling of the plague was held in the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Present at the ceremony were officials and specialists from the departments concerned of the State Forestry Administration, and from the Beijing municipal departments. Director DONG Ruilong, of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and President ZHANG Shougong of the Chinese Academy of Forestry delivered speeches respectively at the ceremony, which was chaired by Vice President CHU Fuxiang.

Points out by RAO Changtian on the occasion , Chief Engineer from SFA, in recent years, Beijing Municipal Government, has put forth and adopted successively a series of policy measures to strengthen the wetland protection in Beijing, and encourage the common participation from all the strata of the society for the enhance of efficiency of wetland protection and rational use. Out standing improvement has been seen in the conservation and protection of wetland, rehabilitation of declined wetland and rational use of wetland and etc. Towards the existing problems of the wetland in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Chinese Academy of Forestry have made concerted efforts in tackling major technical difficulties for the rehabilitation of declined wetland, by jointly selecting typical wetland and setting up experimental/demonstration sites, by providing strong technical support for the safeguard of ecological security and amelioration of ecological environment in Beijing. Mr. RAO wishes the two institutions should take the opportunity to further strengthen the cooperation and obtain more and better scientific achievements so as to contribute to the construction of green Beijing and enhance the image of the capital city of Beijing.