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Second Class Award of the National Technological Invention Won by Technology for Testing Environmental Indicators of Wood Based Panels and the Products
Author:     Time: 2011-01-14

On January 14, 2011, the National Science and Technology Awards Conference for the year of 2010 was solemnly held in the People’s Great Hall. A second class award of the national technological invention was obtained by the technology for testing environmental indicators of wood based panels (WBP) and the products, which has been developed by a research team headed by Prof. ZHOU Yucheng from the Research Institute of Wood Industry, CAF.

Breaking through the limits of test ambience control accuracy of foreign devices, the research achievement has accomplished 3 techniques i.e. dynamic accurate control of test ambience for WBP and the products, the making of extreme test specimen, and accurate calibration of test instruments for WBP and its products, while brought about 5 control methods for robust tracking control of aerial temperature and humidity in the artificial weather chamber. A serial of 6 advanced performance instruments with self owned intellectual property has been successfully developed such as weather chamber for formaldehyde test as well as 4 industry standards have been formulated for ambient environment of test instruments for formaldehyde emission of WBP and its products, being a complete technical testing system for WBP and its products. This could realize optimum manipulation of test instruments and localize the manufacture of the instruments.