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Rehabilitation and Re-establishment of Mangrove in China
Author:     Time: 2011-01-17

Written by a team led by Prof. LIAO Baowen of Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, the book of Rehabilitation and Re-establishment of Mangrove in China was published and distributed by Science Press in January, 2011. As a thorough summary of research achievements on mangrove rehabilitation and re-establishment of mangrove by the institute over the past 20 years or so, the book, in particular, introduces innovations of the recent years such as semi-mangrove tree nursery and afforestation techniques, PGPB bioremediation of mangrove, spartina eco-control and rehabilitation techniques of mangrove. Of 12 chapters and a total of 650,000 Chinese characters, it deals systematically with suitable site selection from tidal wetland, nursery and afforestation techniques for mangrove and semi-mangrove, bioremediation of mangrove, improvement techniques for secondary growth, introduction and naturalization of exotic fine mangrove varieties, pests and diseases prevention and control, rehabilitation effects and resource management of mangrove wetland. With updated information and data, the book brings forth new concepts, new ideas and new methods, which constitute a theoretical basis and technical backup for further conservation and development of mangrove resource in China, and for the construction of protection forest on tidal wetland in South China.

The book acknowledges the input and support from Ministry of Science and Technology, SFA, Guangzhou Bureau of Landscape, Guangzhou Bureau of Ocean and Fishery, and the cooperative institutions of Institute of South China Sea, CAS, Nature Reserves of Dongzhaigang, Hainan, Qi’ao-Dangan Island, Neilingding-Futian, Guangdong, Mangrove Reserve in Zhanjiang, Guangdong and etc.