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CAF Delegation Headed by President ZHANG Shougong Visited Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
Author:     Time: 2012-01-12

On December 19, 2011, the delegation of six members headed by President ZHANG Shougong visited the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE). Dr. V.K.Bahuguna, D.G. of ICFRE, Mr. Sandeep Tripathi, Director of Projects and Int’l cooperation, Dr. Subhash Nautiyal, head of Botany Division, Forest Research Institute, and over 30 senior researchers had a lively discussion with the delegation on the areas of forest research cooperation under the framework of BRICS countries, share of research achievements, education of graduate students, short term visit of researchers, and joint sponsorship of international seminars. The memorandum of understanding for the research cooperation between the two national institutions was signed by President ZHANG Shougong and D.G. V.K.Bahuguna on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Forestry and the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education. Then the delegation visited the museums of wood uses, herbarium, and wood specimens. In the afternoon, the delegation visited a natural forest of Hopea rubusta,and a demonstration plot for eco-rehabilitation of mining site.


The exchange is going on


Visit to the Herbarium

During December 21 – 26, 2011, the delegation visited the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB) and Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI).

In IFGTB, Dr. N. Krishma Kumar, director of the institute, expressed his hospitality and welcome in a traditional way and gathered over 30 specialists in the discussion and exchange with the Chinese delegation. Mr. HE Guangsen made a general introduction on the Chinese Academy of Forestry, and Prof. ZHONG Chonglu gave a presentation on the research progress of Casuarina and Eucalyptus trees in China. The delegation visited the labs of biotechnology, bio-extracts, genomics and tissue culture, test sites of carbon sink and the Gass Forest Museum. Dr. N. Krishma Kumar and Dr. B.Gurudev Singh, the director of the division of genetic breeding accompanied the delegation to the teak seed orchard set up in the natural precious deciduous forest, as well as test plantations of Casuarina and Eucalyptus. With a total of 150 employees, and a spacious campus of over 50 ha., the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, ICFRE, is located in Coimbatore, the state of Tamil Nadu, which is responsible for the national tree genetics and breeding. Teak and Casuarina are important timber tree species in the research program of the institute. The teak seed orchard has been developed from the provenance test plantation under a land lease contract for 99 years, and presently is a vital seed production base of teak in the south of India.


The delegates are visiting the museum of wood specimens


In front of the building of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Eduction

In the Kerala Forest Research Institute, Dr. K.V. Sankaran, director of the institute, introduced the institute research activities while Associate Professor XIE Jinzhong gave an account of research progress and development status of bamboo in China. In order to give full play of the advantages of the two countries, the two sides reached an initial agreement on intended cooperation on gene sequencing, bio-control, phylogenetic, germplasms and information exchange, and personnel training. In the company of Dr. K.K.Seethalakshmi, the delegation visited the bamboo information centre and the germplasm base, where the bamboo garden has a collection of 63 different bamboos, and is the largest bamboo garden in India. Founded in 1975, the Kerala Forest Research is a state institution in Kerala, located in Thrissur. Its thrust areas are bamboo, biotechnology, biodiversity, forest health and etc., of which bamboo research is an outstanding part of the institute.


Director of IFGTB, Dr.Krishma Kumar welcomed President ZHANG Shougong in a traditional way


In the teak seed orchard


Dr K.K.Seethalakshmi and the delegation in the bamboo garden,KFRI.