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Superintendence Tour to CAF by Minister JIA Zhibang
Author:     Time: 2012-02-10
Minister JIA Zhibang of State Forestry Administration made the superintendence tour to Chinese Academy of Forestry on February the 7th together with Vice Minister SUN Zhagen and their entrants. The minister spoke highly at the panel discussion and gave full acknowledgement of CAF’s work of R&D in the past few years which he summarized in following three aspects.  

Firstly, new practical effectiveness resulting from providing services for nation-wide forestry development has been achieved. CAF proactively engaged in forest tenure reform by providing scientific and technology approaches with researches on forest tenure reform theory and policy framework, contributing to the consolidation of China’s collective forest tenure reform and that of the forestry economy development.
The Assessment Report on the Forest Ecosystem Service Functions in China and The Assessment Report on the Biomass and Carbon Storage from the Forest Vegetation in China by CAF’s experts have pioneered in the national level to evaluate the two. CAF’s work has laid scientific basis for national decision-making needs and diplomatic negotiations in tackling climate change issues.
Secondly, novel advancement of innovation capability in science and technology accomplished. CAF has successfully made breakthroughs in a number of key technology areas, such as the introduction of 1200 pieces of 125 species or varieties  as fine tree germplasm and breeding materials. The technical dissemination work of propagation and cultivation for the commercial forest and the economic forest, species such as eucalyptus, bamboo, larch, and camellia oleifera, have been extensively popularized across the nation. Furthermore, CAF has made certain key technical breakthroughs in the selection of the new camellia oleifera varieties and the preservation of fine germplasm, seedlings production as well as the upgrading of processing technology.

Thirdly, the scientific and technology R&D facilities in the CAF have been further upgraded. The establishment of National Engineering Laboratory of Biomass Chemical Application project has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission which will be CAF’s first national level engineering laboratory. The inauguration of the State Key laboratory of Forest Tree Genetic Improvement and Biotechnology by the joint initiatives from CAF and the Northeast Forestry University has broken the record of zero for there has been no national key laboratory in China’s forestry sector.

The Minister expressed appreciations for CAF’s great contributions accomplished during the Eleventh Five-Year plan period (2006~2010)in which CAF provided science and technology supports and services to the national key forestry programs in elevating the technical leverage of forestry industry and in promoting the regional economic development, such as the development of China’s ecosystems, through colligating its innovative resources comprehensively to exalt the capability of independent innovation.

The Minister emphasized that the Academy shall bear in mind and bases its work on the national forestry development strategy and planning, focusing research and development on the prominent trends with enduring endeavor on the exploration of forestry science and technology innovation, especially in how to further bring into full play the multiple functions of the forests. Additionally, the Academy shall broaden its scope to the outside and enhance cooperation with the world renowned universities and research institutions as well as with the grassroots counterparts in the country.