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Professor Peng Changhui, at the University of Quebec—Canada was invited to visit Research Institute of Tropical Forestry for academic exchanges
Author:     Time: 2019-10-29

On 2nd August, Peng Changhui, tenured professor of the University of Quebec—Canada was invited to visit RITF for academic exchanges. This activity was presided over by fellow Chen Dexiang, deputy station master of Jiaofengling ecological station of RITF.

Professor Peng made a report on “From Ecological Simulations to Ecological Forecasting-New Frontier in Global Change Ecology”, and he introduced the application of ecological simulations in global change research from the aspects of frontier of ecology study, ecological simulation and ecological forecasting as well as TRIPLEX.

Peng summarized the following “5P” skills the researchers must qualify: Purpose, Passion, Principle, Practice and Partnershipshared the experiences in writing and contribution of SCI technological thesis and answered the questions related to the processing of scientific data, logic structure of thesis and application of ecological stimulations.

Groups Peng and Jiaofengling Ecological Station installed the first global methane flux observation system in Jiaofengling Tropical Forest Regions through long-term cooperation and research on the greenhouse gas of tropical forest since 2012. The visit would further strengthen the mutual cooperation and research in global change.

Nearly 40 young technicians and postgraduates in RITF participated in this activity. (article: Zhou zhang, RITF  pictures: Wu Jianhui, RITF )