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Workshop on responsible Forest Products Trade Between China and Indonesia in Guangzhou
Author:     Time: 2019-10-30

On 30th July,Workshop on responsible Forest Products Trade Between China and Indonesiahosted by Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information and TNC

was held in Guangzhou. The conference was organized by the Global Green Supply ChainGGSCinitiative secretariat, together with the European Forest Institute (EFI) and Guangdong Timber Association. Over 80 representatives attended the conference from Indonesia Ministry of environment and forestry, paper and pulp Association, timber and Wood Products Association, franchised Forest Association, domestic global green supply chain initiative enterprises for forest products, relevant research institutes and universities, industry associations.

Director of Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information, fellow Wang Dengju attended the conference and addressed the speech. Professionals from two countries made in-depth analysis on conditions and trend of China-Indonesia forest products trade, Indonesia forestry resources and forest products manufacturing, legitimate guarantee for timber and sustainable forest management mechanism. They shared the experiences in promotion of timber legitimacy and sustainable management system. Furthermore, they were engaged in discussion and put forward the solutions accordingly regarding the opportunities and challenges faced by current global forest products trade.

The conference stated that responsible forest products trade means our commitments to our shared Earth and our offspring. Forest products enterprises and industry associations and government agencies should join hands to jointly build up the green and sustainable global supply chains of forest products so as to realize the effective matches among upstream, midstream and downstream industries and establish green and sustainable their production,circulation and consumption system, which can eventually strengthen ecological environment protection, promote growth of forestry and benefit all mankind. Experts from two countries unanimously believed that China and Indonesia are important trade partner of forest products with their  much dependence and complementarity on each other. Two countries should strengthen practical cooperation, advance mutual recognition of timber legitimacy and establish responsible forest products trade system, which is of great significance for the sound and sustainable development of forestry of two countries.

The conference provided an opportunity for two countries to have more deeper mutual understanding, communication and collaboration, with consensus made in thought, promoted effective matches of forest products supply chain of two countries and laid a solid foundation for enhancing their cooperation in responsible forest products trade.