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Dutch Experts Came To China For Academic Exchanges At The Invitation Of Research Institute Of Forest Ecology,Environment And Protection
Author:     Time: 2019-10-31

Leendert Adriaan Bruijnzeel, emeritus professor in land use and hydrology at VU University Amsterdam, Dutch and visiting professor at King's College London and Doctor Zhang Jun from Research Institute of Science came to China for academic exchanges at the invitation of Research Institute Of Forest EcologyEnvironment And Protection. Liu Shirong, President of China Academy of Forestry and Wang Xiaoyi, deputy director of Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment And Protection made welcome speeches.


Expert Bruijnzeel and Doctor Zhang made two academic report on “Tropical forest landscape restoration and hydrological recovery: what can be expected realistically” and “Soil and water impacts of reforesting fire-climax grassland on Leyte Island (Philippines)” , highlighting that we should understand and quantify the impacts of forest and soil on the hydrologic regulation when having an accurate understanding and forecast of influences of forest changes on hydrology. Postgraduates in forest hydrology and water resources management of Research Institute Of Forest EcologyEnvironment And Protection made reports and exchanges on researches and thesis writing and conducted negotiations on cooperation in the future.


Fellow Wang Yanhui, director of Research Institute of Forest EcologyEnvironment And Protection made an introduction, research and on-the-spot investigation on what have been researched and achieved in the long-term orientation in forest ecology orientation station in Liu-p'an MountainsNingxia. Study groups drove to pass through the Loess Plateau and visited Northwest A&F University and national field science observation and research station of farmland ecosystem in Changwu county.


As international well-known researcher in forest ecology and hydrology, professor Bruijnzeel gained wider experiences in this aspect for nearly 45 years in South Asia, South-east Asia, Central America and South America with his focus on the influences of hydrology process and land cover changes on water produced in catchment area, soil erosion and deposition, nutrition cycling of forest, productivity and ecosystem service. The academic exchanges benefit research institute to better understand international research progress in forest ecology and hydrology, the strengthening research on forest ecology station in Liu-p'an Mountains and the growth of institute’s forest ecology and hydrology.(article: Wang Yanhui, Wang Xiao  pictures: Wang Yanhui, Yuan Caixia)