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Professor Wang Gaofeng at the Clemson university, US was invited to Research Institute of Tropical Forest for academic exchanges
Author:     Time: 2019-10-31

On 14th August, professor Wang Gaofeng at the Clemson university, US was invited to research institute of tropical forest for academic exchanges and made an academic report on How to Write a Scientific Paper.  Wang Tonggui, Director of the science and research institute presided over the conference, which over 60 young technicians and postgraduates participated in.

The report introduced the notice items regarding the importance of writing the paper, types of papers and fundamental frameworks in a systematic way with a focus on several important parts of paper writing. It summarized the elements relevant to the paper quality and reasons to be refused and made multiple practical suggestions on basis of the experience of paper writing for many years.

Professor with lifetime tenure at the Clemson university and international well-known foresters, Wang Gaofeng has long been engaging in the research on operation and management of forest ecosystem and is appointed the associate-editor in the forestry, Canadian Journal of Forest ResearchNew Forests. Professor Wang has made great contributions to the team building, scientific research and talents cultivation of forest ecology since appointed as the guest researcher in the Research Institute of Tropical Forest. Research Institute of Tropical Forest