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Professor John L. Innes and Wang Guangyu of Forestry School at the University of British Columbia, Canada Visited Jianfengling Experimental Station of Research Institute of Tropical Forestry in Hainan
Author:     Time: 2019-08-23

During 2 days from 17th to 19th August, professor John Inners, dean of forestry school at UBC and professor Wang Guangyu, assistant dean visited the Jianfengling experimental station of Research Institute of Tropical Forestry in Hainan.

Research fellow Xu Han, deputy director of Jianfengling Eological Station gave a thorough introductions of vegetation types, diverse species and endemic species at Station’ s sample plots. While associate research fellow Zhou Zhang made a comprehensive introduction of present main research direction and achievements made by Jiaofengling Ecological Station.

Professor John L. Innes and Wang Guangyu, accompanied by research fellow Xu Han and associate research fellow Zhou Zhang,visited long-term regular monitor sample plots, auxiliary facilities to monitor meteorology, hydrology, greenhouse gas flux and tropical ravine rainforest in Bawangling, Hainan.

Professor John L. Innes and Wang Guangyu made highly positive comments on monitoring data and research achievements made over 30 years and pointed out that Jianfenglin Forestry Area is located in the northern margin of tropical Asian rain forest region featuring more complex and typical rainforest structure, unique species and climate characteristics compared with other tropical rainforests in America and Africa rainforest groups, which is of great significance of scientific research.

During the visit, two sides made exchanges and discussions on issues focused in the future of tropical rainforest ecosystem. Professor John L. Innes made suggestions on strengthening collaborative research bearing on the impacts of global climate changes and human disturbance on Jianfengling tropical rainforest ecosystem.

Doctor Chen Jie, engineer Lin Mingxian at the Jianfengling Ecological Station participated in this exchange. (Li Yide/ Research Institute of Tropical Forestry)