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Professor Andrea Polle at the Gottingen University was invited to Experimental Center of Forestry In North China for academic exchanges
Author:     Time: 2019-11-12

On 22th August, Professor Andrea Polle at forestry institute of the Gottingen University came to make academic exchanges and reported onMolecular, Physiological and Growth Acclimation of Trees to Phosphorus Stressat the invitation of Lab of forestry cultivation of Experimental Center of Forestry in North China. The Lab was aimed to have a better understanding of impacts of nutrient stress on the growth of forest, eventually progress the relevant researches at the Center.

During the report, Professor Andrea Polle detailed the distribution of Phosphorus elements in the global forests and the their constantly rising trends in recent years. He mainly revealed the strategies to response and trade-off mechanism for plants under the phosphorus stress through the limitation to phosphorus elements and long-term positioning and observation of contents, utilization rate and cyclical features of phosphorus elements in different types of plants under phosphorus enrichment conditions. He also pointed out that ectotrophic mycorrhiza plays the key role in the utilization of phosphorus elements and we can sift out key elements that controls utilization of phosphorus elements through 3PP tracer thchniques and molecular biological means.

Zhang Yao, director of the center expressed the gratitude to Professor Polle for his fabulous report and guidance to groups of scientific research at the center. He pointed out the groups should take full advantage of the functions and strengths of national forestry experimental base for scientific research on basis of its own development and mission, actively participate in cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, broaden its horizon and inspire more ideas for scientific researches so as to contribute to the forestry development in North China and the rest of the world.

More than present researchers actively submit their questions and make cooperation and discussions with Professor Polle on the relevant researches carried out and key technologies and key scientific issues.

Ph.D Andrea Polle is the board member of Gottingen University,  professor and director of research institute of forest botany and prestigious scientists in international tree Psychology, ecology and botany. He main studies includes the study on the stress resistance of trees(drought resistant, salt resistant and heavy metal-resistant.), trees ecological research and timber forming ,

plant-mycorrhiza interaction mechanism and the diversity of Mycorrhiza functions. He led over 30 research projects in EU, German Science Foundation and German Federal Ministry of Education and Science and Technology and published more than 300 piece of papers in international academic journals such as Nature, Nature Communication, PNAS and Plant Cell with more than 30 monographs. He serves as overseas appraisal reviewer in Deutscher Akademischer Austausch DienstDAAD),(DFG), the EU fifth, sixth and sixth framework projects and over 10 national science foundation including America’s, as the editorial board of some international journals such as New PhytologistPlant Cell and Environment, as proofreader in over 50 SCI journals including PNASTrends in Plant Science.article:Feng Huanying/ Experimental Center of Forestry in North China  pictures:Gao Xu/ Experimental Center of Forestry in North China