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IUFRO Task Forces Coordinators Working Talks were Held Online
Author: Li Xuejiao    Time: 2020-06-03

On May 28, the first coordinators working talks of the new IUFRO Task Forces since 25th IUFRO World Congress was held online. Liu Shirong, President of the Chinese Academy of Forestry and IUFRO Vice-President for Task Forces hosted the talks via internet in Beijing. Alexander Buck, IUFRO Executive Director, and coordinators of nine Task Forces attended the talks.

IUFRO is a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists, which promotes global cooperation in forest-related research and enhances the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees. It unites more than 15,000 scientists in almost 700 Member Organizations in over 125 countries, and is a member of ICSU. IUFRO Task Forces are established on a temporary basis during each 5-year IUFRO Board term to advance inter‐disciplinary cooperation in forest research fields that span two or more IUFRO Divisions. Their focus is on emerging key issues that are of great interest to policy makers and groups inside and outside the forest sector, and contribute to international processes and activities. Liu Shirong was elected as the IUFRO Vice-President for Task Forces in 2019 and is the first Chinese Vice-President in the IUFRO history.