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IAWA Journal Published a Special Issue of “Advancing Wood Identification”
Author:     Time: 2020-11-20

On November 12th, IAWA Journal officially published a special issue 2020:41 (4) “Advancing Wood Identification-Anatomical and Molecular Techniques”. The special issue contains 1 review article and 14 research papers (361 pages in total) and became a new milestone for the journal since the publication of the IAWA journal in 1970.

This special issue mainly focuses on the theme of wood and wood product identification (tree species identification and geographic origin tracking), covering the latest research progress of identification methods using quantitative anatomy, DNA barcoding, stoichiometry, machine learning, computer-aided technology and also identifying forest products such as charcoal, particleboard, and etc.. The academic achievements will provide a scientific basis for the tracking of timber species and geographical origins in the international forest products trade, provide important technical support for the global responses to illegal logging, and promote legal timber trade and the sustainable development of forestry.

In May 2019, the international symposium on ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Updating Wood Identification’ hosted by the Chinese Academy of Forestry, International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA), International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Research Institute of Wood Industry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, American Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) and Global Timber Tracking Network (GTTN) was successfully held in China. The main purpose of the publication of this special issue is to further enhance the academic achievements and international influence of the symposium mentioned above, and to continue to share the latest developments in the field of wood identification with global counterparts.

The special issue is co-edited by Researcher Yin Yafang from the Research Institute of Wood Industry, Dr. Alex Wiedenhoeft from the American Forest Products Laboratory, and Dr. Lloyd Donaldson from the New Zealand Forest Research Institute. (Text: Liu Shoujia, Jiao Lichao/ Research Institute of Wood Industry; Photo: Brill Press)