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Professor Victor Squires, an Expert on Overseas International Collaboration of the CAF, Won the 2019 UNE Alumni Achievement Award of the University of New England, Australia
Author:     Time: 2020-09-18

On September 12th 2020, the University of New England in Australia held a grand award ceremony, awarding CAF’s overseas international collaboration expert, a special consultant of the Institute of Desertification Studies, the ecology and sustainable upland management expert Professor Victor Squires the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award of University of New England. The University of New England Alumni Achievement Award was established in 1994 to commend outstanding graduates and alumni for their outstanding contributions to the local and global professional fields.


Professor Squires received a bachelor’s/master’s degree in botany, geography and ecology from the University of New England, Australia. In view of Squires’ outstanding contributions to scientific research and teaching in ecology, pasture and upland management, as well as major achievements in helping Africa, Central Asia and East Asia to research and solve land degradation problems and instruct young scientists, the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award was specially awarded to him.

Professor Squires came to China for the first time in the 1980s and has been cooperating for three decades and has been working hard to this day. Squires is currently working with the Institute of Desertification Studies to lead the compilation of the “Dunes of the World Series”. Squires has made milestone contributions to the discipline development, personnel training and technological advancement of China’s arid zone research. Recommended by CAF, Squires won the People’s Republic of China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award (2008) and the Chinese Government “Friendship Award” (2011), becoming the first person in the forestry industry to win a “Double Awards” from the government.

When Squires received the University of New England Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award and shared his professional experience, he mentioned that the highlight moments of his career mainly include obtaining a doctorate, being promoted to the chief scientist of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, and winning two awards from the Chinese government——2008 International Science and Technology Cooperation Award and 2011 Chinese Government “Friendship Award”, and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Gansu Agricultural University in 2018. (Li Xuejiao/Division of International Cooperation)

Link to interview with Professor Victor Squire: https://www.une.edu.au/alumni/Profiles/people/dr-victor-squires