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Experts of Research Institute of Wood Industry Attended the 25th Meeting of the CITES Plant Committee
Author:     Time: 2021-06-09

From June 2nd to 4th, first phase of the 25th meeting the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Plant Committee was held online. About 520 representatives from 75 government delegations, including China, and 54 international organizations, attended the meeting, marking the largest number of participants since the founding of the commitee in 1987.

The Chinese delegation was composed of personnel from the Department of Wildlife Conservation of NFGA, Endangered Species Scientifc Commission, P.R.China and Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department(AFCD) in Hong Kong, etc. Yin Yafang, researcher from the Research Institute of Wood Industry, attended the meeting.

Chinese experts focused on participating in the discussion of issues related to endangered timber. Experts from the Research Institute of Wood Industry spoke on "identification of timber and wood products" and "rose wood tree species", conveyed China's positon on CITES implementation, and introduced the latest scientific and technological achievements made by China in wood appraisal technology in recent years.

This meeting further enhanced China's international influence on the implementation of CITES in the field of wood industry, and also laid a good foundation for the convening of the next COP of CITES. (Jiao Lichao / Research Institute of Wood Industry)