Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

Genetic improvements have been obtained of over dozens of plantation tree species, including populus, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Larix dahurica, Pinus massoniania, paulownia, eucalyptus, acacia, Hippophae rhamnoides, Juglans, Camelia oleifera and etc., which have turned out many new superior varieties (clones/ families) and have extended widely in plantation works. Poplar breeding have yielded a series of achievements and successfully selected the fine varieties of Populus simonii x nigra var. Italica, Populus Pyramidalis x cathayana, Populus simonii carr. x P. nigra, Zhonglin No. 46, Poplar 107 and 108. Poplar 107 and 108 account for over 70% of poplar plantations in China, giving a yearly increment of about 30 million cubic meters timber; By the technical method of tree gene engineering, pest resistant poplars such as N0. 192, No. 12 and No. 153 have been screened out that show a strong effect of pest resistance; Techniques have been set forth for establishing of seed orchard of advanced lines of Cunninghamia lanceolata. 143 superior families and over 400 fine clones have been selected, increasing the production by over 20% on average in the main production region; More than 30 superior families and over 100 clones of larch, Mason pine and spruce have been selected, making the timber production increased by 15%. Over 150 superior varieties of eucalyptus have been screened out, which in combination with the cultivation techniques increases the volume production by 30 - 40%. A total of 6 fine provenances of Acacia mangium and others have been introduced, heightening the timber gain by 15%.New varieties of adversity resistant Hippophae rhamnoides for ecological economy have been screened out, their fruit production is 10 - 25 times higher than that of the natural species; A total of 16 early-bearing juglans have been bred and 54 high-yielding varieties of Camelia oleifera have been selected, which give a yield 3 - 6 times higher than that of the original varieties.

Plantation of Poplar 107 and 108 (which have been extended to an area of more than 1.3 million ha and the annual stock volume is 22.5 – 30 m3/ha)

The Superior Family 340 and 224 of Larix kaempferi(Lamb.)Carr.

Superior variety of Hippophae rhamnoides

New variety of Camelia oleifera