Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

A series of high-efficient biological agents and application techniques have been developed while breakthroughs have been made in crucial techniques for the nursery propagation and equipment. The serial products of ABT rooting powder have been extended in over 80% of the counties across China, extended to over 30 countries in the world, and applied on 1582 different plants for high-yield production. Several hundred of production lines for nursery container bags of light cultivation media. Classification and evaluation system has been set up for forest sites in China. Optimum cultivation models have been set up for construction timber and pulpwood such as Cunninghamia lanceolata, Populus, Pinus massoniania, Pinus elliottii and Larix, while high-yielding cultivation and management technical system has been set up for valuable tree species. The trial plantation by site control and low density targeted trees for production of large and medium sized Cunninghamia laceolata, heightens the stand growth by 14.1%, and the portion of large and medium sized logs increase by 30%.The set-up of comprehensive cultivation techniques for fine quality and high-yielding Pinus elliottii and Larix enables the stand growth to increase by 13.8% on average, and the superior families increase by 100%,shortening the rotation period by 2 years on average. Silvicultural techniques have been developed for fast-growing and high-yielding E. Urophylla, E. Grandis x E. Urophylla, E. Saligana, and the growing volume of 4 year old plantation of E. Urophylla reaches 30 cubic meters per ha. Introduction, selection and cultivation techniques have been conducted for the valuable timber tree species of Tectona grandis, Betula alnoides, rosewood and red sandalwood, which are now under wide application;Long-term studies have been done on Camelia oleifera, Aleurites fordi, Juglans, Castanea mollissima, Hippophae rhamnoides and Phyllanthus emblica, and a number of techniques for early-fruiting and processing are in extensive use of production; A systematic research has targeted on bamboo, and turned out many results covering the collection of bamboo germplasm, bamboo cultivation and special fertilizer for bamboo.

Comparative application of ABT rooting powder on Paulownia

Pilot plots of large-diameter Cunninghamia lanceolata (less than 5 trees/ha at the age of 17 years and the DBH is 30cm)

Fast-growing and high-yielding Eucalyptus forest

Teak forest in Jianfengling Mountain in Hainan island (mean height at 21 m and mean DBH at 27.5cm)