Control of Desertification
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

Innovative achievements are obtained in site classification of sandy land, selection of plant material for the control, wind prevention and sand fixing, monitoring and evaluation of land desertification, occurrence regularity and comprehensive control model. In Yulin sandy region, trials for sand fixing and afforestation are carried out, 7 suitable shrub species are selected. The study of site classification of Mu Us sandy land, and matching species with the site puts forward the principle of the combination of arbor trees and shrubs, and the complex ecosystem of grass, forest and farming with shrubs as the main. Shelterbelt network is built in Ulan Buh Desert, establishing 1,486 ha of man-made oasis. Quantitative index is set forth for the modification of environmental quality of the northwestern deserted sandy region as well as provides a strong support for the construction of shelterbelts in the Three Norths region. A theoretic framework is set up for the occurrence and development of desertification, and for its monitoring and evaluation. A number of technical models are put forward for the control of typical desertified land forms, and 11 plant materials are selected that are suitable to extreme environmental conditions, which accelerate the progress of combating desertification and provide technical reserve and demonstration for the improvement of efficience of desertification control;For the first time, a comprehensive survey of Kumtagh Desert has been fulfilled, the south to north expedition across Kumtagh has been realized, and an all-weather station has been set up in Kumtagh. Sample analyses have been made for the mechanism of the formation of gravel dunes and feather-like dunes. It is verified that Singing Sand Mountain in Dunhuang is one important component of Kumtagh Desert.

The forest of Pinus sylvestris established on sandy area in Hongshixia in 1964

A shelterbelt network is built in Ulan Buh Desert

The comprehensive survey of Kumtagh Desert