Forestry Machinery
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

The technical equipment for silviculture, logging and harvest, forest pest and disease control, forest fire monitoring, prevention and put-out, and biomass energy utilization developed by CAF has been extensively used in the forest production, and is playing a remarkable role in enormously enlarging China’s forest production capacity. In an earlier period after the founding of CAF, more than 20 scientific achievements were obtained, including the invention of mobile chippers and a four-piece set of animal-drawn machines for land preparation, tree planting and forest tending in mountainous areas, and the R&D of sprinkling irrigation machine, planter for big seedlings, machines for comprehensive use of logging residues, nursery bed formers, timber loaders and so on. Dozens of scientific payoffs were obtained in 1980s’, including the ZLM-50 loader. During the ninth Five-year Plan Period (FPP, 1996 - 2000), the study on technology and equipment of automatically-propelled seedling transplanting was honored with the Third-Grade Prize of Liangxi Forest Science and Technology Award. In addition, CAF developed a series of techniques with high potential in application and market demand, such as cement-particle board production line with an annual output of 30,000 cubic meters and the automatic control computer system for wood drying. A number of new equipment and machines for producing wood-based panels and furniture were also successfully developed, including the CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining center, the glue regulating and supplying system controlled by computer, glue sprayer and blender, CNC router, vacuum laminating machines for different surfaces and automatic copying router.

Automatically propelled seedling transplanting machnie

Automatic fertilizing and medicating system

Glue regulating and supplying system