Research achievements of Jianfengling National Forest Ecological Station --Publication of one book about the 60 ha permanent plot in Jianfenling, Hainan Island
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Tropical   Time: 2015-07-01

One book about the Jianfengling 60 ha plot was published by Jianfengling National Forest Ecological Station in 2015.

Between 2009-2014, by the support from National Forestry Bureau, Chinese Academy of Forestry and Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Jianfengling National Forest Ecological Station set up one 60 ha permanent plot in the typical tropical rainforests in Jianfengling, Hainan Island. It is aimed to learn the basic information about the species composition, structure and spatial distribution in the tropical mountain rainforests. Re-survey will be conducted to explore the long-term changes of biodiversity. It is also emphasized to explore the influences of typhoon and rainstorms on the biodiversity and ecological function.

In 2014, Jianfengling 60 ha plot took part in the CTFS plot network ( It is the biggest plot of this network up to now. Around half million stems were recorded in the plot and data about soil nutrients, functional traits and phylogeny were also recorded.

In this book, the community characteristics, population structure and the distribution maps of 290 species were drawn. Maps about nineteen soil chemical and physical characters in the whole plot were also drawn. This book provided background information for studying the biodiversity maintenance in the tropical rainforest area. It also provided some scientific proofs for the modification of ecological public welfare forests and mixed forests in the tropics. For example, we can select and arrange the trees by considering their requirements of soil nutrients and topographical conditions.

Professor and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Jian Youxu wrote the preface for this book.

The second book about how to recognize the main trees in Hainan tropical forests is also continuing and will be published in the next year.

Reference: Xu, H., Li, Y.D., Luo, T.S., et al. 2015. Tropical mountain rainforests in Jianfengling, Hainan Island—community characteristics, tree and their distribution pattern. Beijing: China Forestry Press.

Figure 1. Cover of the book