Chen Yongfu
Author:     Time: 2016-11-10

Chen Yongfu

Deputy Director, Professor and Chief Expert of the Research Institute of Forests Resource and Information Technique (FRIT), CAF.


1983-1987 Southwest Forestry Collage, Bachelor, Forestry Science

Chinese Academy of Forestry and Beijing Forestry University,

Master’s Degree in Forest Management.

2003-2006 Beijing Forestry University, Doctor’s Degree in Forest Management

Work experience:

2006-2015, Deputy Director, Chief expert, Professor, FRIT, CAF

2003-2005, Chief expert, Professor, FRIT, CAF

2001-2005, Professor, FRIT, CAF

1995-2000, Associate professor, FRIT, CAF

1990-1994, Assistant professor, FRIT, CAF

1983-1989, Research assistant, FRIT, CAF

Research projects:

Completed a total of more than 20 projects. One of the important projects are as follows:

Chinese forestry public project “study on monitor and calculate of forest carbon base on State forest resource investigation”

Chinese scientific and technology work project “investigation of forest vegetation in China”

Chinese natural fund project “Research on mechanism of natural regeneration barriers of Dacrydium pierrei de Laubenfels in Hainan Island”

ITTO funded project “Demonstration area of sustainable utilization natural tropical forests in Hainan Island”.

ITTO funded project “Developing and extending of indicators and criteria for sustainable management of natural tropical forests in China”.

China national key project – “Monitoring and assessment of major forestry engineering project in China”


Won the national science and technology progress award 2, second

Provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress first prize 2, second prize 2;

Liang Xi science and technology first prize 2, second prize 1; 1 first prize of China standard innovation.